Thursday, January 18, 2018

Diversity stories about immigration

Work incessantly aiming at one goal: people must be afraid of red hair people. If you have sown carefully, sooner or later you will begin to reap the rewards. You will see that the day will come when you will hear the following slogans: the brown breed must be protected from reds, those carrots are invading us, red hair people are tinging to blend in between us, we propose a vigilant control of regrowth, according to science red hair people are less intelligent, a red hair miss Universe is not acceptable, there are too many red-haired players in our league, red hair people carry diseases, red hair people are more likely to commit crimes, they don’t understand our hair and don’t integrate with the our shampoos, a class with only red hair students is not acceptable, red hair people have to go back to their hairdressers, etc.

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