Thursday, March 8, 2018

Diversity stories about same sex marriage

"Yes, I understand, you're talking about gay adoptions."
"It’s not true, when you hear that? I said same-sex marriages, forms of cohabitation linked by bonds of affection..."
"Yes, of course, gay adoptions."
"I did not say gay adoptions," the man screams. "I repeat, I said - by spelling – same-sex marriages..."
"Of course, gay adoptions."
"Are you deaf or what?" His friend almost yells, victim of a nervous breakdown. "Same-sex marriages, these are not difficult words. Unions by people who desire a wedding according to their own free will... "
"Look, I understand very well, these are gay adoptions."
"You're out of your mind..." the other one says leaving the newspaper on the ground. "You are hearing voices or worst. I said SAME-SEX MARRIAGES, after the legal systems have given them the right relevance or granted a legal status..."
"In easy words, gay adoptions."

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