Thursday, March 22, 2018

Diversity stories at school: I am human

"However, dear inhabitant of the earth, the point remains. You should work harder in making us understand who you are..."
"Fine, I understood, but the point, as you say, is just that. I am a terrestrial, so I have clear skin, blond hair and... yes! I have blue eyes, like that actor... you know him? Well, no, of course not..."
"Listen", says a female schoolmate at the first desk, turning around, making scare the new student. "As you see, I have fifty-six eyes on the right and fifty-seven on the left, colours of the pupils at random and eyelids that lower and rise at the rhythm of samba. Making the right counts, you’ll understand that I am slightly cross-eyed, but on my planet is everybody nature, then, what are we talking about? "

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