Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Diversity stories of adoption in Italy

It was just the beginning.
The dispute, or, rather, the tennis match.
Look, it really fits, you will see.
After pediatricians and psychiatrists the plumbers exclaimed: "We are against adoption by same-s. couples, it is against our traditions. As a random example, you will never see a female plumber. There must be a reason, right? "
The electricians disagreed vehemently: "We are for equal rights, it's a fair thing, as evidenced by the First Law of Direct Current: whoever you are, any orientation, if you shove your fingers into the socket you will get the shock."
In just a few seconds the shoemakers said: "The same-s. adoptions do not facilitate girls’ lives. Because, if they have two fathers, who will teach them to walk in heels?"

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