Friday, March 16, 2018

Diversity stories of Trump

"So you don’t know Trump have won."
"You mean the at the end Trump has become president of the United States?"
"What end? That was just the beginning and it happened in 2016. The big day was when he became emperor of the world. "
Suddenly the man took out a whistle, blew it, and then shouted loudly: "Bad word, he said a bad word, he said the one with S!"
Apparently the only one who did not know to live in the realm of Trump, One frightened ran away and after he had stumbled on persons even worse than the previous, he tried to find a refuge in a nearby forest outside the city.
However, as soon as he approached the entrance to the green spot immediately he noticed the barbed wire to delimit the borders. He stepped over, but was instantly surrounded by some animals. To be precise, a hen, two squirrels, a wolf, a family of raccoons, a fox and a kangaroo.

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