Friday, November 23, 2018

Diversity Stories: What if Test

That’s the story I want to talk about today.
A kind of educative tale in a form of universal method to think.
Before doing anything.
We could call it a test, if you like.
Think about what happened in China to Dolce and Gabbana racist ad.
Here is something that would have helped the company to avoid such a backlash.
What if, promoting his brand in Italy, a Chinese entrepreneur showed videos of a clumsy Italian girl unable to eat spring rolls?
In other words, what if your country was the target?
What if you were on the spot instead of others?
What if we might change place in your preferred world’s image?
What if you are us and vice-versa?
I know, that’s something old and trivial, but if it is so, why there are still so many people not using it?

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