Friday, January 18, 2019

The equality school uniform

Once upon a time there was the school uniform, that today in Italy we call “grembiule”.
Martial as grotesque masquerade born with the fascist regime which it seems we cannot free ourselves from.

Free ourselves could be varied on freeing ourselves, and remaining on the point, freeing them, the children. To give them freedom, to teach it, among the most underestimated and absent subjects from ministerial educative programs.
That’s what Italy Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s said, proposing the grembiule as mandatory: "There is time for fashion, and so for the dressing’s expression of personality. It’s better some healthy equality."
He forgot to say that our schools are already all the same, but not in a good way.
Many of them are in a precarious condition from the seismic point of view, deprived of toilets worthy of the name, with the absence sometimes of toilet paper, with the heating off or not working, with crumbling desks and the ceilings that lose rubble.
Nevertheless, fortunately for them, regardless of such naive attempts to imprison their imagination and vocation to be unique, the children of this country are all wonderful living symbols of diversity.
The only equality they ask is about their respective, inviolate rights to see their needs satisfied, receiving an adequate education inside welcoming and comfortable conditions, and cultivating their personal aspirations.

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